27 Jan 2009

Partial eclipse visible in Mauritius for Chinese New Year

As the Chinese community celebrates its new year according to their Calendar, a partial eclipse of the sun was visible in Mauritius! This natural event made the Spring Festival more sense to me this time since I not only got delicious cakes from my neighbours (thank you!) but I was also amazed by the sun's eclipse.

This shot is the best one which I was able to take :P

I've always been interested in the stars and the universe since I was young though I've never been able to decode any zodiac sign from maps.

Here's some fantastic things which keep me interested:

  • are we alone in the universe? E.T. are you here?
  • universe or multiverse?
  • moment of singularity where all laws of Physics as we know of vanish
  • when we look at the stars, we look at the past
  • universe is expanding or shrinking?
  • are we from the Earth itself or from another place? Mars?

These are just some of the topics that are sufficiently good to do a PhD I guess :P

I've heard of the Mauritius Astronomical Society since I was a kid but I've never managed to get into contact with one of the guys. It would have been so nice to get into contact and see how enthusiasts are doing in the paradise island.