4 Nov 2010

Only if

If I said all that I felt
If I did all that I could
If I realised all that I dreamed
If I lived all that I could experience
Only then
I'd say I lived a life
I'd be ready to leave this world
With fewer regrets
Coz there'd still be so many feelings not shared
So many things I could have done
So many dreams left I could have realised
So many experiences I could have lived

19 Apr 2010

People In Trance

Beautiful music for beautiful people. That's my motto. It's been a while since I've been working on my musical identity and I'm pleased to announce that I'm on my way towards sharing the mixes that I've been doing as part of the People In Trance series.

I've just released a new website for the People In Trance episodes at:

I'll post all information relating to the series there. Please add the link to your bookmarks and to your blog feed reader.

I'm also using a fan page on Facebook at:
to keep in touch with my fan base.

Please do join in the fan page to support the artist.

You'll find the links to my latest mix that I've just released on the People In Trance website and on my Facebook fan page.

Happy listening :)

Musically yours,
Dil Kris

9 Apr 2010

astek launches startup blog

In my on-going search for better opportunities, I have recently joined a company called astek Mauritius, which is a subsidiary of astek France. The astek group is present in over 10 countries, including France, Mauritius, UK, Tunisia, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Vietnam, China and Mexico.

Today, astek has a global workforce of 3200 people. The group works on high-end projects in the field on Information Systems involving an array of industries such as telecom, banking, health, energy, defense and aerospace, transport and automobile.

astek Mauritius was created in 2003. Today, it has over 80 employees. Its customers range from start-up to well-established companies, in diverse industries mentioned above. We work on a variety technologies such as Java and .NET, SQL Server and MySQL and Windows and Unix environments.

In order to increase awareness of the different projects that the company undertakes, a blog has recently been created. It will be updated on a regular basis to provide useful information to potential customers, prospective talents and any other stakeholder.

25 Oct 2009

Thank you!

I would like to thank each of you who has voted for me from the bottom of my heart for having voted for me at the Franko-Elektro Competition for the French Games 2009. Thank you for your support and for believing in me. It was still more than that: believing in our country.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it up to the next round. But this is not the end. It has been an all great experience and I encourage each and everyone to dare to dream and dare to make it reality. Do all your best. The rest will follow. Do all that's in your capacity to make your dream come true and only then accept the results - whether good or bad, whether success and failure. And one more thing: there's no such thing as bad thing or failure. It's just the way we look at it.

1 Sep 2009

Voting reloaded

In the previous post, I requested you all to please support our country, our nation, our Mauritius, for the upcoming French Games.

Unfortunately, the site was pirated a few days ago. However, this has been solved. Voting is up again. And all votes have been reset to nil.

I urge you to please vote for me once again. The steps are the same:
  1. Visit http://www.jeux2009.org/franco-elektro-voting.aspx
  2. Choose “Vocal Trance” in the “Type de musique” box
  3. Click on “GO”
  4. Cast your vote for Dil Kris and vote for Mauritius!

This time you will be asked to provide a valid email address. An email will be sent to you. Please do check your email and do click on the link to vote for me.

Thank you very much.

Truly yours,

28 Aug 2009

Dil Kris (Dilraj) at Franko-Elektro

The Franco-Elektro competition is organised by The French Games 2009 organisation. It is the world’s largest competition for DJ’s among French-speaking countries. Six best DJ’s having the largest number of votes will be invited for a semi-final.

Dil Kris (Dilraj) represents the paradise island of Mauritius. If you want Mauritius, our country, our nation, to be represented, please do vote for him. Each vote counts.

Together, we’ll make Mauritius top on the world’s electronic music scene.
Vote for Dil Kris, vote for Mauritius!

How to vote?

Visit http://www.jeux2009.org/franco-elektro-voting.aspx
Choose “Vocal Trance” in the “Type de musique” box
Click on “GO”
Cast your vote for Dil Kris and vote for Mauritius!

To listen to the mix:

Please spread the word to all your contacts!

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=121971418586

19 Jul 2009

An Apple is an Apple and Apple loves Apple

A few days ago I wanted to install Mac OS X on my PC to test-drive the operating system and see for myself why there's so much hype about it. Is it because of the user-experience? Or because of the supposedly elegant metal look with some kind of blue? I somehow managed to get my hands on a version of Mac OS X and proceeded with the installation.

I was surprised to see that Mac OS X is in fact an operating system that works as follows:
  1. it only understands Mac products
  2. it only works with Mac products
  3. it does not support third-party products
In other words, Mac OS locks users with Apple's products.

Let's take an example: let's suppose Apple is in the manufacturing sector - it makes screws, screwdrivers and doors. Incidentally, the screws are designed so that only an Apple screwdriver could be used to fix the screws and the screws have such a design that they would only fit in the Apple doors. The Apple screwdrivers can't be used to open other makes of screws. And the doors can only be fixed using Apple screws. The Apple doors themselves can only be mounted on an Apple wall. And the wall can be mounted only in an Apple building. And the building can only be built on Apple land and the latter can only exist in Apple world, which may only exist in Apple universe.

The latest case that's been reported is this one from the BBC. Palm's latest phone Pre was claiming seamless syncing with Apple's iPhone iTunes (update). Apple has updated its firmware claiming the latest version fixes a bug which allowed some non-Apple devices to be detected as Apple's. Therefore, the Palm Pre, and perhaps other devices as well, is no more compatible with the iPhone iTunes.

Can a company build something that's closed, the inverse of being open, as in open-connectivity? As it seems to me, Apple's way of working is more restrictive than its rival Microsoft in some way.

To complete my story, of course I've been unsuccessful at installing Mac OS X on my PC. As expected? Perhaps.

Update: The Pre was synced to iTunes, not iPhone as I mentionned.