10 Nov 2008

I am an AIESECer!


After one month of probation, I'm finally confirmed as an AIESECer!!

AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organisation, present in over 105 countries. It is present in Mauritius since June 2008 and has been officially launched in August 2008.

AIESEC is an international platform that provides a unique experience for youths in terms of leadership opportunities, international internships and developing the full potential of oneself so as to create a positive impact on society.

19 Aug 2008

I own my work

Think of an artist, a music producer, and a designer. Their artworks are protected by what's called 'copyright'. For the computer industry, copyright is at the center of software. Companies like Microsoft know much about it.

Then comes open source-related software. The codes are available freely to anyone and anyone may modify them to adapt to a new situation or free to use them.

Based on my ethics classes, I've always thought that any new creation is automatically protected by copyright, even if that's not stated. That's because most countries have signed the Berne Convention.

But for open-source software things weren't clear up to now: does the author retain copyright even if everyone's allowed to use and modify the codes?

Not now. This story from the BBC reports that a US federal court has made a ruling where the author retains copyright, and that all works based on the author's code should respect the license.

Such protection for the merit of the original works is a good thing and will encourage more of us to publish our work as open source. The fear of losing recognition will now fade away and authors of derivative works will be forced to properly acknowledge the original works.

27 Jun 2008

War of desktop managers

Linux users have for long been wondering what´s the best desktop manager to use. When I had a Debian, a few years ago, I didn´t worry much since both GNOME and Kde are installed by default. So, it was just easy to switch whenever I wanted a new ´look and feel´.

Then came Ubuntu distro. Since it´s a Live CD system, I had to choose either between Ubuntu (with GNOME) or Kubuntu (with KDE). And then very recently, Kubuntu Remix (with KDE 4).

I downloaded Kubuntu Remix and solved nearly all the ´issues´ that I considered ´annoying´. And I was happy. KDE 4, though still a beta, has great features like window animation and supports gadgets (or widgets!).

Last week, I was impressed by GNOME: so neat, so beautiful, so Mac-like. Therefore I did a small
# sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
on my machine.

Wow! So great. Apart from the great look that´s elegant, I now know what ´stable´ release means: my applications won´t crash for any reason at all. With KDE 4, they did. However, it´s understandable since the latter still in beta.

Therefore, when I boot I see the Kubuntu logo, then it´s GNOME desktop manager and GNOME look and feel.

I wanted to make a complete removal and download Ubuntu, but I would have to go through the daunting task of fixing the ´annoying issues´ once again.

Nevertheless, I love Amarok. I did uninstall all KDE applications, except KNetworkManager for WiFi and Amarok.

In the end, I´d say: let´s use whatever we want. There´s no best. Try all. And experience with them.

12 Jun 2008

Looking back at the past year, or so

Holidays are also meant to look back at what one did during the last year. My first year at university has been a great one, with lot's of experiences that changed my life. One year at Spoon Consulting Ltd and another at Linkbynet Indian Ocean have also been great. I can't forget good times and friends at both places.

So, during the last year, here are the things that I can remember:

  • Think, think and think, but think differently - university has changed the way I look at things
  • Great friends are enriching - all moments are meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest
  • Sharing is such a pleasure
  • Group work is good
  • Hectic life, no time to relax
  • Playing Need for Speed from midnight to six in the morning
  • Concerts and concerts - house and trance music turn me up

And I also got
  • A notebook - Dell Latitude D630 :)
  • A Hercules MK2 DJ console

That's it, in simple words...

11 Jun 2008

Holidays... good times

Hurray! Holidays are back for me!!

What this means?

  • More free time
  • More time for work
  • More time to do what I want
  • Less headaches :)
  • More time to spend with friends
  • More time to lose on facebook and hi5
  • More time to do to funny and silly things
  • More TV
  • More downloading of music
  • (More) time for blogging :P