12 Jun 2008

Looking back at the past year, or so

Holidays are also meant to look back at what one did during the last year. My first year at university has been a great one, with lot's of experiences that changed my life. One year at Spoon Consulting Ltd and another at Linkbynet Indian Ocean have also been great. I can't forget good times and friends at both places.

So, during the last year, here are the things that I can remember:

  • Think, think and think, but think differently - university has changed the way I look at things
  • Great friends are enriching - all moments are meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest
  • Sharing is such a pleasure
  • Group work is good
  • Hectic life, no time to relax
  • Playing Need for Speed from midnight to six in the morning
  • Concerts and concerts - house and trance music turn me up

And I also got
  • A notebook - Dell Latitude D630 :)
  • A Hercules MK2 DJ console

That's it, in simple words...

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