4 Nov 2010

Only if

If I said all that I felt
If I did all that I could
If I realised all that I dreamed
If I lived all that I could experience
Only then
I'd say I lived a life
I'd be ready to leave this world
With fewer regrets
Coz there'd still be so many feelings not shared
So many things I could have done
So many dreams left I could have realised
So many experiences I could have lived

19 Apr 2010

People In Trance

Beautiful music for beautiful people. That's my motto. It's been a while since I've been working on my musical identity and I'm pleased to announce that I'm on my way towards sharing the mixes that I've been doing as part of the People In Trance series.

I've just released a new website for the People In Trance episodes at:

I'll post all information relating to the series there. Please add the link to your bookmarks and to your blog feed reader.

I'm also using a fan page on Facebook at:
to keep in touch with my fan base.

Please do join in the fan page to support the artist.

You'll find the links to my latest mix that I've just released on the People In Trance website and on my Facebook fan page.

Happy listening :)

Musically yours,
Dil Kris

9 Apr 2010

astek launches startup blog

In my on-going search for better opportunities, I have recently joined a company called astek Mauritius, which is a subsidiary of astek France. The astek group is present in over 10 countries, including France, Mauritius, UK, Tunisia, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Vietnam, China and Mexico.

Today, astek has a global workforce of 3200 people. The group works on high-end projects in the field on Information Systems involving an array of industries such as telecom, banking, health, energy, defense and aerospace, transport and automobile.

astek Mauritius was created in 2003. Today, it has over 80 employees. Its customers range from start-up to well-established companies, in diverse industries mentioned above. We work on a variety technologies such as Java and .NET, SQL Server and MySQL and Windows and Unix environments.

In order to increase awareness of the different projects that the company undertakes, a blog has recently been created. It will be updated on a regular basis to provide useful information to potential customers, prospective talents and any other stakeholder.