19 Apr 2010

People In Trance

Beautiful music for beautiful people. That's my motto. It's been a while since I've been working on my musical identity and I'm pleased to announce that I'm on my way towards sharing the mixes that I've been doing as part of the People In Trance series.

I've just released a new website for the People In Trance episodes at:

I'll post all information relating to the series there. Please add the link to your bookmarks and to your blog feed reader.

I'm also using a fan page on Facebook at:
to keep in touch with my fan base.

Please do join in the fan page to support the artist.

You'll find the links to my latest mix that I've just released on the People In Trance website and on my Facebook fan page.

Happy listening :)

Musically yours,
Dil Kris


Navin said...

Hey Dilraj..remember me?? Nu ti met prog ensam ek Dhiraj et Ricky Flic-en-Flac!! Stumbled on your blog par les plus grand des hasards. Hope you doing well dude, keep the mix going on.. :)

Dilraj said...

Hi Navin,
Glad indeed to hear from you. Let's keep in touch via Facebook, if you're on it.
I heard you're onto exams. So very best of luck man.
Take care :)

Product Manager Job Description said...

The blog was really a great one for music lovers..keep updating and will follow you on face book! Nice work