6 Nov 2006

Enter Fedora Core 5

It's only after a long time that I finally decided to install the Linux distro from Redhat, Fedora Core 5. Yes I know, FC 6 was released last week. But I cannot afford to download such a huge OS DVD using my rather slow 'broadband' connection...

As I feared, the installation process reminds me of Window$. I only have to press the famous 'Next' button, unlike Debian, which asks me for different configuration options.

The only problem that I encountered while installing was where to put the GRUB bootloader. I first put it in the second partition but the bootloader didn't load. Instead the Windows XP bootloader loaded. So I re-installed FC 5 and placed the GRUB bootloader in MBR and this time it was OK!

However I do agree that Fedora Core might be good for those who 'fear' Linux and who are not so technical. Debian might be better for experienced computer users who know their hardware well. But installing Debian Linux is nice since we are 'forced' to know our hardware better!

To make things better, I decided to do a Google Fight to see which one wins!

And great, it's Debian Linux who wins!!

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