5 Sep 2006

Companies use Mauritius flag colours

The Mauritian flag is made up of four colours: red, blue, yellow and green. Each of the colours represents one aspect of Mauritius:

Red: symbol of country's independence
Blue: the marvellous blue sky
Yellow: the bright future
Green: the fertile land of the island

Over the past few months, I've noticed that many companies are using the four colours as part of their logo. The first example is a very old one and any Mauritian should have noticed it: Microsoft Windows! Yes, it uses the four colours of the Mauritian flag! Here are a few logos of Windows (old logo and new one as at Windows XP):

After a bit of analysis, you will find out that the red-blue-yellow-green sequence is in anti-clockwise direction in the windows.

Now here's Google logo:

It has all four colours, but not in the red-blue-yellow-green sequence.

And now comes that of eBay:

This one is remarkably similar to the Mauritian flag not only in the colours used but also in sequence. This is the one that really caught my attention!

In the light of the above, I should say that I am proud to be a Mauritian!

Note: All images and logos of trademarks are the property of their own companies. They have been taken from Wikipedia and follow the same copyright notice for fair use.

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