3 Sep 2006

Joined LUGM

It's been quite some time now that I've been participating in the LUGM (Linux User Group Mauritius) forum. It's a really nice one where we can share our thoughts and help people using Linux or any *nix.

After many weeks, I finally made my mind to attend the meetings. In fact, yesterday I attended my first LUGM meeting that was held not far from where I live. These meetings are open to the public, so I wanted to discover a little.

I got up at 09.15, did morning things like having a bath and taking a breakfast, and was at the meeting place at 10.15, after some 10 minutes' walk. Phew! I couldn't risk being late the first time! There, I met two guys that were already there, and they told me that I were the first one to arrive!! Hmm... And the others reached there by 11.00 - an hour late!

However, I should say that I was impressed by the friendliness of the guys that were present. I was able to meet other guys really passionate about the free software movement. They are really warm and have a lot to share. A guy did a presentation about the tweaks on the X Window System. Then, it was discussion time though nothing was discussed. I discovered that there were other newbies like me too at the meeting.

The LUGM gives away CDs and DVDs for free. They have a library and members are able to take books that are sponsored by O'Reilly.

I took a Fedora Core 5 DVD. I will be happy to give you a copy if you want to. This is legal since according to GPL, I may make copies of DVDs and give them away for free. I am also able to sell the copies that I make and thus make profit! Therefore, I will more pleased to sell the copies to you at some Rs 15000, the price of the licence for the new upcoming Windows Vista! (That last few words are for kidding, right.)

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