18 Mar 2007

Discover Gaim: a multi-protocol Instant Messenger (IM) client

May I chat with friends who use Yahoo! IM or Windows Live IM on a Linux platform? That's the question I've been asking myself for the past few days. Luckily, there's some whole bunch of IM available to do this. I've been marvelled by Gaim: a multi-protocol IM client.

The main advantage as compared to other IM clients is that I may log on using the same client instance for accounts on Yahoo!, Windows Live and ICQ at the same time! Isn't that fantastic?! Gaim also supports other protocols as well.

I'm using version 2.0beta6 for Debian archives, the install package used by Kubuntu, from http://download.ubuntu.pl/_Edgy_Eft/gaim/2.0.0-beta-6/.

If you're using Gaim 1.5 for Windows, you might expect some problems: it would crash for Windows Live accounts. Just download an updated library dll at the project's bug tracker.

I've not yet tested if the problem persists for 2.0beta6 version for the Windows platform - a bit of laziness from me - yuk!

Happy chatting!


Sun said...

Gaim is nice..i used that on windows some times back..and also when i moved to ubuntu
bt if u are on Kubuntu Kopete is nicer..the new Kopete has many additional fancy features that u would expect to find on msn/yahoo
bt if u use only msn..aMSN is best..this is wht i use..

Dilraj said...

Yea indeed Kubuntu Kopete is a bit nicer and you don't feel home-sick since the graphics is far better.

But the problem is that I can log in using only one account. Kopete doesn't have multi-instance.

I will try aMSN soon.


Dilraj said...

OK - what a shit I just told? Kopete doesn't have multi-instance?? In fact, it has! So this was a little mistake...

And it's got more: webcam! Gaim doesn't support webcam. A friend of mine wanted to show me some stuff on his webcam and I couldn't since I was using Gaim. It's this that made me use Kopete.