8 Mar 2007

USB modem ZTE (ZXDSL) 852 install success on Linux

It's been a week now since I've successfully installed the modem's driver on my Kubuntu.

The tutorial at http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/materiel/zxdsl852 has a good explanation.

Basically, you need to have the latest kernel - i.e. 2.6.19 or greater as stated. I downloaded kernel 2.6.20 from http://www.kernel.org. Else, you have to mess with codes to add vendor ID's.

The tutorial at http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85064 helped me in downloading all necessary packages and steps to follow to install the new kernel.

Then as stated also in the tutorial, I downloaded the firmware at http://ftp.linux.it/pub/People/md/warez/cxacru-fw.bin.gz.

I untarred the firmware and placed it in /lib/firmware/$(uname -r) directory, e,g. /lib/firmware/2.6.20/ directory.

Then I disconnected my modem from the USB port and reconnected it. After a few seconds, orange lights flashed, stopped, flashed, stopped , flashed and lit on!

Bingo! Modem firmware loaded successfully.

Then I created a connection as stated in the tutorial from Ubuntu.

Now each time I start my PC on Kubuntu, my modem's firmware is loaded automatically. I only have to pppd call zxdsl to connect to the ISP.

Huh, I didn't find a way to disconnect other than shutting down...

And I'm having fun....

This article also appears at http://www.lugm.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5243#5243.


Meta said...

# killall pppd

Anonymous said...

Hi neodil.

I've just read about the tutorial on http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/materiel/zxdsl852
and it puzzles me a bit.

I installed Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft last night and I decided to configure my ZXDSL 852 modem (as provided by MT). Using an OS without the Internet is practically unthinkable, isn't it?

I've got one question:
1. It says: 'Partie II : compilation du pilote

Cette partie N'est PAS nécessaire pour les noyaux 2.6.19 et supérieurs, les modifications étant déjà intégrées au sein du noyau.'

Does it mean we skip everything and go directly to part III? Kubuntu 6.10 comes with kernel 2.6.17 I think. So it's mandatory that I move, right?

And did your modem light up just after Step I?


Dilraj said...


Yes you are right. If you have some newer kernel >= 2.6.19m skip step 2. Goto step 3 directly.

Since you have kernel 2.6.17, I would recommend you to install a new kernel as I did. Like this, you aren't going to mess with codes and introduce errors. It will be easier for you.

Else, download the source files for the 2.6.17 kernel and add codes as stated in the tutorial, compile and install.

Yes after I did Step 2 and Step 3, the lights did go on! If you get messed, i.e. lights don't gp on, then check the tutorial. It has come modprobe commands and things to get you sorted (Chargement du pilote).

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the advice. It finally worked!

Sagar said...

hi dilraj. i have recently install ubuntu 7.04 on my pc and was trying to configure my usb modem on it. since it the same as ya, i proceeded the same way as u mentioned.so by using winXp which is install on the other partition i downloaded the firmware but when trying to ectract it to /lib/firmware/... i am told that it cant be exracted to this folder dunnoo for which reason. hey man just email me the neccessary steps to proceed. here's my email add kristsmth@yahoo.com

Dilraj said...

Hi Sagar.

I guess that you were not root before doing so. You should be root to be able to make changes to /lib.

Make me know where you're up to.

Anonymous said...

I am quite bad in french, so, i did get the modem's lights on but afterthan i quite in the shade. please help.

Dilraj said...


I'm glad you've been able to reach here since that's the most difficult part.

Do the lights remain lit up? Then good! You only have to create a connection and connect to the Internet using that connection afterwards.

Google translate the French page: translated page.

The section written "Paste-y": put each command on a new line.
"Nom_utilisateur_a_completer" means "username".
"mot_de_passe_fourni_par_wanadoo" means "password".

If you follow the instructions, you should be OK.

All the best :)

Anonymous said...

thanks mate!
That did do the trick!
I know french but linux, command line and french is just a bit too much!
thanks again

Deen said...

I am thinking of shifting to Ubuntu or Fedora. Currently I am having Ubuntu (latest) and have problem with the ADSL modem, ZTE ZXDSL 852.

I don't understand french, do you know any other meterial that is in English?

Thank you

Jerry White said...

Hay, for those who don't understand French I got things sorted out.

This is for Ubuntu 8.04 and ZTE ZXDSL 852.



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