19 Jun 2007

NFSU2 LAN experience

Last Thursday, Yanesh, a friend, invited me to his house for a LAN party. Our plan was to connect some PC's and to play NFS Underground 2 on LAN!

That was just fantastic!

Our plan was like this:

  • Connect as many PC's together. However, we had no network hub. So we decided to do with only two computers.
  • No hub also meant to modify existing LAN cables! We had to arrange for a crossover cable. Luckily, I use one at home. So I brought it to Yanesh's.
  • Another friend, Kavin, brought his computer too! Great!
We started our first hour by configuring LAN (simple using Windows XP). But the great challenge was to be able to start a game on LAN! Wow, after an hour Kavin and I succeeded in finding the right sequence of buttons to push!

Here are the steps in some simple words:
  • Select a PC to be the server and create a game with server mode
  • With other computer, select "filter" and choose the right settings
  • Then click the game to enter
  • Click "Ready" on top
  • Click "Start" on server
And did the game start!

We were seven in all; we made three teams and each team played against each other team a few times...

We did not encounter any technical issue.... that was cool.... NFSU2 played well....

The tournament finished at three in the morning!

Yannick, a friend, had to go to an interview at eight! We accompanied him home.

As for me, I had to get to work at nine. So I went to bed at Yanesh's at four! Got up at seven-thirty.... and obviously wouldn't make it on time!

No need to say that I was a bit sleeping at work that day!

But it was all great fun! Thanks very much guys!

Next time we're planning to play with more computers and using a network hub, of course!


TJ said...

Hello man,
Sorry for this weird introduction and all.

I cant even mail you from hi5 or whatever.

Well, may I have your hotmail addy? by the time you get this message, add me: nuker_blazed@hotmail.com.

I'm Shailen from Spoon Consulting. We played badminton together, drank beer at Jazzie, and I asked you why the hell ubuntu sucks at apt-get for everything..lol

Ok, hear form you very soon.

Take care,


Dilraj said...

Hey man after a while u get used to suck! Kidding! But its interesting at the same time.

And an alternative to Windows!

Plus a great adventure!

Dilraj said...

And yea! Had a nice time indeed! Was just a great and passionate discussion....

Ene lote coup to fer nou goute to petit Beer + Sprite :)

Hatlábú Farkas said...

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Anonymous said...

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