28 Aug 2007

Back to school!

Photo courtesy: T.H.I.N.K.

After months of wondering about goals in my life, I've finally decided that I'm better back to school!

Yes! In fact, I've joined the University of Mauritius again, doing Computer Science...

I should say that it's an all new exciting adventure with new friends and new things to learn, share and have fun at!


Shailen Sobhee said...

Hi Dilraj,

Of course, it is a great priviledge to be at UoM.

Check its library:

Nothing more advanced..woooh

UoM is known for its super advanced robotics labs, nanotechnological studies, and mega fast broadband speed..

and you know..optoelectronics,biophysics,machine intelligence, space research..

Ok,guys..sorry,everything above is a lie.

Shailen Sobhee said...

I guessed my html code bugged while sending..damn microsoft! (::nerdy)


Btw, I just read about Nexenta: Sounds Cool!!

Shailen Sobhee said...

Hi Dilraj,

I clicked on the UoM link provided and it says:
"Page Cannot be Displayed"..:P:P

lol..Is that the new uni homepage?:d

Dilraj said...

Hi Shailen!

It seems that UoM's website is not an always-on up-and-running one :( It's really far behind Google and Yahoo!. Imagine Google being down for even a few minutes! That's simply not acceptable.