24 Sep 2007

My first report goes in style with LyX

I'm finally very happy about being able to give my first report for Software Architecture in style! In fact, I've used LyX (pronounced 'licks').

So what's LyX? It's just a simple word processor which does "What You See Is What You Want", and not "What You See Is What You Get", as with other word processors. To put it simple, it's a simple word processor with pre-defined styles for headers, footers, paper format, font size, and so on. You don't change them. You only bother about your content. And then apply the pre-defined styles to your text! After all, is it not that content is the most important thing?

LyX is a graphical front-end for LaTeX (pronounced 'la-tek'), a markup language for TeX (pronounced 'tek').


BlueNerry said...

I use Texmaker on Nexenta (no Linux for me ... please) whenever I have to fool around with some of my personal documents.

Dilraj said...

Aie! Texmaker?? Does it mean that you're a die-hard at coding in TeX? OMG!