11 Oct 2006

Low-cost laptops in Mauritius

Last year, the MIT make a really nice move to leverage technology and bring some hopes to the poor developing world. In fact, the team at MIT planned to give governments laptops for USD 100 each so that the latter gives them away for FREE to the poor children and students. Details about the project.

The laptops run Linux OS, and have great advantages, as per the specs.

A few weeks ago, the Government of Mauritius announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to sell laptops at MUR 15,000 (USD 450). Report from the local newspaper (sorry, in French).

So how are the Microsoft laptops different from those of MIT? And is the Government making a move to oust MIT and Linux and favour Microsoft? And as it can be seen, the Microsoft laptops are far more expensive than that of the MIT team. So why has the Government chosen such a move which is not logical in an economic point of view and going away from the free software movement?

(As an aside, I have heard that the IT Minister has close links with guys at Microsoft.)


Anonymous said...

hey by the way, initially it was announced that there would be 3 types of computers, 2 desktops and 1 laptop. the price did not include VAT, there was so much hype about it...
the laptop was suposed to cost R16,000 but now it is R19,435/-
u can guest the rest...

Anonymous said...

PCs, Laptops... great but how expensive!! In other countries, the price for old models goes down as soon as new ones comes on the market.. but here u cant see any change... btw as for internet options, in this new era, everyone should have access but it's more expensive in Mauritius than any european countries.. so wats news i ask??

Dilraj said...


Lately, the Government of Mauritius has partnered with Acer, AMD, Microsoft and two other companies to provide affordable desktop and notebook computers to Mauritian citizens.

Prices vary from MUR 10000 and MRU 16000. There are two desktop categories and one notebook specifications.

The project is planned to start in January 2009, this year!


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