25 Oct 2006

Using Windows Live Messenger with other email address accounts

No need to have an email address of the type Hotmail.com or MSN.com to use Windows Live Messenger! You can use the Live Messenger with your existing email address, whether it's of GMail, Yahoo! or any other email address.

By following the steps, you register your email address with the Microsoft's Passport Network service.

The only hic in the Live Messenger: you can't check your mailbox, write new mails, see your contacts in your email's address book...

Step 1: Go to http://www.passport.com

Step 2: In section "
Use an e-mail address you already have", click "Get started"

Step 3: Enter your existing email address and any other relevant details

Step 4: Click "continue"

Follow any other steps required.

In Windows Live Messenger, enter your email that you registered and password.

Bingo! Have fun :)


Anonymous said...

I almost forgot how to do that, after two years getting my gmail registered on msn.

I used google to get that passport.com page, damn and lost some minutes.

Thanks for refreshing my memory!!

Anonymous said...


I did something really cool this week. I am planning to write an article on it.

I installed all the three Os I use namely Fedora, Hardy Heron and Windos.

Now, what is cool is that my /home is on another partition and is shared between fedora and ubuntu hardy heron. That was quite complex to set up, with lots of googling about permissions, mount properties, setting individual desktop properties and hacking xml files to ensure that each linux had its own desktop BUT at the same time shared.

For instance ,if i boot on fedora and save smthg on my desktop, the file will be present on my desktop at the same position on ubuntu!!

And my taskbar as well is exactly the same with each icon at the same position. It is like having a skin, one looking like fedora, and the other like ubuntu. This gave me the possibility to test the power of both RPM and debian with the same desktop and settings :D hehe..

I havent seen anyone trying that around..I google for that, seems like im the first one around to use both rpm and debian with the same home folder.

And the hottest part in this: My firefox is exactly the same. If i exist fedora with some tabs opem, I will have the same tabs open when I boot in ubuntu. And hence the work can continue :)


Long were the days when I use to say apache is hard to install..

Linux rocks..

Alex said...

Today my brother called me up and told me a lot of interesting stories. But one of it was very unpleasant for him. He said that some days ago he had been working with address book in OE and something had happened and all his information was lost. But luckily he entered the Internet and found there - wab file repair. It solved his issue quite swiftly and for free as far as he remember. Besides it helped me too and to my mind performed it well.