18 Apr 2007

DJ's Challenge at Caudan

I was at the DJ's Challenge organised by Liquid on Saturday last at Le Caudan Waterfront with some friends from college.

There was a nice atmosphere and many DJ's perform really well. Each DJ had to mix a number of tracks in a certain amount of time. DJ Giovanni Paul and DJ Bernard Desmarais, Liquid's founders, and DJ Master L, who performs Liquid's Essential Mix each Saturday night on Kool FM as from 21.00, formed part of the jury.

After each participant, the members of the jury explained how good the mix was and explained how the DJ's were given points. That's very interesting for to-be DJ's since it was a pleasure to see how to evaluate mixes.

Basically, the jury talked about

  • frequency -beats
  • effects - flanger, echo, equaliser
  • beat-matching
As far as I know, these are the very foundation for the perfect mix!

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