10 Apr 2007

IRC reloaded

When I was in Form 5, that's back in 2000, there was a craze about IRC in Mauritius. (Nearly) All guys and gals had a superb nickname and used to chat in different channels. I should say that was a superb occasion to make new friends and to find some nice people with whom we'd go out for a while or for a long time.

Here's a list of channels on DALnet servers that were putting people on fire. I've to add that each secondary school had a channel and students could join them and have a nice chat.

#mauritiusThe Mauritius channel
#mauriceMauritius in French
#morisMauritius in Creole
#drcsssDr Regis Chaperon SSS
#dmcDr Maurice Curé
#raynalGaetan Raynal SSS
#cseCollege du Saint Esprit
#drsssDrupnath Ramphol SSS
#bpsCollege du Bon et Perpetuel Secours
#qecQueen Elizabeth College
#lcqbLoreto Convent Quatre-Bornes
#lccLoreto Convent Curepipe

Unfortunately, by the end of 2000, if I'm making no mistakes, the DALnet channel was hacked and we all IRC users lost contact.

A few months after, a new server – GigaIRC – saw the day. Unfortunately, it couldn't bring so many users back to IRC.

Nowadays, #mauritius on DALnet is back again with some life with some great people who participate in some quizzes in which I love taking part. Thanks guys!

There's also #mauritius on GigaIRC.

And all of the secondary school channels, except #cse (now on GigaIRC, not DALnet), have disappeared. What a pity :(

However, I've discovered some new channels by fellow friends: #linux on GigaIRC and #linux.mu on Freenode.

I've been a bit nostalgic here but that's life: life changes and you have to adapt, but memories last as long as we're alive.

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