18 Apr 2007

Event 777 coming soon

Liquid's bosses announced the next big clubbing event in Mauritius on last Saturday's DJ's Challenge . After Tom Snare's night, they are bringing Pakito, who's going to perform live at La Citadelle on 7 July 07 (so the name 'Event 777').

DJ Pakito made a phenomenal success with its popular track Living On Video, very famous in Mauritius, last year.

I hope to get going once again. And I hope that the event will be held at La Citadelle itself, not VIP Club at the last minute, as it has been the case for DJ Laurent Wolf, on Saturday last.


Dilraj said...

Finally, it's going to be held at N'Gyone, Grand-Baie.

Tickets at Rs 700.00!!

Dilraj said...

And to be held on Friday 13th!